We are an organization dedicated to exposing and punishing corporate crime. Contact us if you would like to talk with us about a potential case, or would like to explore an opportunity to report wrongdoing on a confidential basis. Whistleblowers participate in billions of dollars recovered annually under state and federal False Claims Act laws and SEC reward programs.


Our current focus is Lennar Corporation headquartered in Miami. In 2007 Lennar executives pulled off the crime of the decade - swindling the California Public Employees Retirement System out of nearly a billion dollars.

This heist was accomplished using false appraisals and fabricated cash flows prepared and submitted by top Lennar executives in a bid to save Lennar from implosion and bankruptcy amid a general market collapse in 2007.

To bring Lennar and its executives to justice for this reprehensible crime, we filed a billion dollar lawsuit under the California False Claims Act. This law is designed for this exact purpose - punishing those who cheat The People of California.

The California False Claims Act law is among the toughest in the nation. So much so that not one case has gone to trial in 17 years. Among the provisions of the Act are treble damages, substantial penalties, and a recovery of all legal fees, costs, and expenses incurred in prosecution of the case. The exposure to Lennar Corporation and its key executives in this case is over three billion dollars.