No one is above the law. The Lennar executives who engineered the theft of a billion dollars from fire fighters, police, teachers, administrators, and many others should be exposed and held accountable.


Note this: every dollar taken from the victims by these unscrupulous executives was a dollar earned, saved, and then cynically stolen to prop up a failing enterprise. That meant more lavish salaries, bonuses, and stock options for the privileged few. But not for the men and women of CalPERS.

We filed the lawsuit. The California Attorney General's Office has validated the complaint. Now it is time to push forward with this litigation and to raise the public awareness of this fraud. The theft of a billion dollars from pensioners should not go unnoticed or unpunished.

Lennar Corporation and its key executives - including but not limited to COO Jonathan Jaffe and former CEO Stuart Miller - were directly involved in this crime. We can prove it. Along with the company, these corporate parasites should be exposed and punished for the unconscionable theft of a billion dollars from current and prospective retirees.

What's next? We will continue moving the litigation process forward to a successful conclusion, and we are also planning to produce a hard-hitting documentary exposing this company and its' executives. High-profile exposure could well bring much-deserved criminal prosecution. All of these efforts will require funding on a go-forward basis.

Help us achieve these worthy goals. It is time to let the Citizens of California and the men and women who depend on CalPERS know that this crime was committed and that we are doing something about it.

What do you get? You can participate with us and share in the all-too-rare experience of bringing true corporate criminals to justice.

Please contribute today and help us hold Lennar Corporation and its executives accountable. Your help is needed and greatly appreciated. Together we can do it.