Our research has uncovered hundreds of lawsuits filed against Lennar. There is a recurring theme in the claims filed against Lennar, and it is a variation of the same general core counts. Fraud, fraud in the inducement, and breach of contract. The two Lennar executives pictured below, Stuart Miller and Jon Jaffe, along with other Lennar executives have been instrumental in coordinating a national scheme to defraud banks, contractors, homebuyers, partners, shareholders, and even pensioners. 

Mr. Miller inherited control of Lennar when his father suddenly became ill in 1997. Until that time, Lennar Corporation had a solid reputation for integrity and honesty in its business dealings. Litigation pending against the company up until the take-over by Mr. Miller was negligible.

After the ascendancy of Mr. Miller, the company has been involved as a defendant in hundreds of lawsuits in all areas of the business. Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, banks, partners, homebuyers, and governmental agencies like the FDIC have sued Lennar in an attempt to recover improperly taken funds. This is an identifiable pattern and practice.

Mr. Jaffe is Stuart Miller's right-hand man, and is responsible for implementation of Lennar's consistent and fraudulent business practices. He has testified under oath that he was the key decision maker for LandSource.

Lennar employs an army of lawyers to fend off and discourage those who sue over its fraudulent business practices. Notable among this coast-to-coast legion of lawyers is Daniel Petrocelli, Lennar's primary "fixer" and fraud defense lawyer. Mr Petrocelli is a Los Angeles lawyer perhaps most notable for his failed defense of Jeffrey Skilling, former CEO of Enron.

In a Houston trial of Mr. Skilling, who is often regarded as the most notorious corporate criminal in America, Mr. Petrocelli described his client as a paragon of virtue, and Enron  as a "Shining Star". A jury disagreed, and sentenced Mr. Skilling to 25 years in prison and a 55 million dollar fine.

Mr. Petrocelli was retained by Lennar to defend and appeal a Maryland land fraud case involving almost a quarter of a billion dollars. This defense was unsuccessful, and Lennar has paid out over $235,000,000 so far in that case, with more to come. Mr. Petrocelli is an enabler for companies like Lennar, and is a professional "liar for hire".

Mr. Petrocelli represented Donald Trump in the Trump University racketeering and fraud class action case. Ironically, disgraced Attorney Michael Avenatti and Mr. Petrocelli worked side by side for a number of years. A perfect fit. Mr. Avenatti describes Mr. Petrocelli as his "mentor".

Lennar has now retained Mr. Petrocelli to defend the billion dollar California False Claims Act case filed in Sacramento California by Citizens Against Corporate Crime. 

Jon Jaffe

Chief Operating Officer Lennar Corporation

Stuart Miller

Chief Executive Officer Lennar Corporation